Access to scenarios is restricted to registered faculty members.  Please get in touch via the contact page in order to gain access.

All scenarios are based on a generic scenario and are in a PDF format.   Each section has introductory information for instructors to guide the delivery of each simulation scenario.

Many of the scenarios were originally developed in conjunction with the use of an ALSi device by iSimulate, or other similar devices.  They can be undertaken without using this specific equipment and do not require any high-fidelity simulation devices, although faculty are advised to preview each scenario to ensure appropriate alternatives are used.  As a minimum it is expected that there is the ability to be able to display the relevant ECGs for the scenario via an ECG simulator, and for trainees to be able to have a manikin to focus their management on.  Information is included for each section to guide what equipment should be available to successfully run a scenario.

The first four sections correspond to common emergency presentations.   All the scenarios are mapped to suggested CiPs of the current IMT stage 1 curriculum.

Information in bold is to highlight when a scenario can be adapted to deliver sessions that can prompt discussions around the impact of human factors on patient management.

Feedback on the quality of the scenarios is encouraged, as repeated delivery can identify potential issues that may not be immediately apparent.  Any feedback can be submitted here.

Anaphylaxis and Severe Drug Reactions

Cardiorespiratory Arrest

The Shocked Patient

The Unconscious Patient

The Unwell Patient

Toxicology and Poisoning

All faculty members are encouraged to submit their own scenarios for inclusion on this site.  Scenarios can be either given in a summary format or, ideally, following the link as given below.

Scenario creation