As part of the Shape Of Training review of postgraduate medical training there was a greater emphasis on the importance of the delivery of quality simulation teaching sessions for trainees.  Interested individuals working on various hospital sites in Wales who regularly ran simulation teaching sessions for trainees felt that it would be useful to have a resource available where a wide range of scenarios could be shared to avoid duplication of work and to make sessions easier to run.

By adopting the quality standards as detailed by the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare  (ASPiH) the WIMST site hopes to be able to maintain a database of scenarios that are suitable for delivering effective simulation sessions for the teaching of acute medical emergencies.  One of the important factors in this is the inclusion of suggestions for debriefing the trainee and potential areas for further discussions at the end of each scenario.

Access is currently restricted to registered faculty members, but the ability to be registered  is available via the contact page.  The only registration requirements are that you have an NHS Wales email address, and are involved in the delivery of simulation sessions for IM Training.  Please get in touch if you require access for other levels of training.